Wigged Out Women

Summer is Here! Where has the time gone?

So, today I want to remind you that, not only does Wigged Out Woman (WOW) have many awesome wigs, we also have many other options to enhance your hair.

TOPPERS. We have toppers, various sizes and lengths. So, if your hair is just thinning on top and not quite as thick as it used to be, you probably don’t need a full wig. You can get a topper, sometimes called a “wiglet”, to clip onto the top of your head. They will blend beautifully with your own hair and make your hair look like to has more volume.

CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS.  We also offer clip in extensions.  If you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices at the salon to have permanent extensions put in, you can get clip in extensions to use periodically – or always; it’s up to you! They come in varying lengths and textures (curly and straights). If you are daring, you can even get purple, pink or feathers and braids.

PONIES.  Now that it’s summer and the weather is hot, many of my clients like to get a ponytail clip in. They want to wear their hair up but may not have enough to make a full pony tail.  Well, just clip on a ‘pony’ (long, short, curly, straight) to enhance your new ‘do’; it’s cool and beautiful too. It’s easy to find the right color, or have your hair died to match the pony.

SOFT HATS.  We also carry soft, hand-made, hats–more than a night cap, more than a turban.  Stylish and colorful, for those days when you just don’t feel like wearing a wig but want a little something to cover your head. They come in a variety of styles.

HALOS AND BANGS.  Did you know you can get “halos” and “bangs” to wear under hat? It keeps your head cooler than putting a full wig under the hat, but still looks like your hair is peeking out underneath the hat. Again, these, too, come in all colors, lengths, straight or curly.

So, remember that WOW isn’t just about wigs–we have options to solve all your hair loss or embellishment needs. Call and schedule an appointment today–864.770.3638!

Have a great day, week, month, year!  Hope to see you soon.

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