Wigged Out Women

African American

Hair Loss Needs of Women of Color:


The wig needs of women of color are sometimes unique. Generally, all women can wear synthetic wigs by most manufacturers, particularly if they have total hair loss due to chemotherapy. If a woman of color desires textures similar to the hair of African Americans, she will probably want a human hair wig, which come in “Yaki”; human hair that has been manufactured to look like African American hair that has been straightened. It comes in light, medium, or heavy Yaki. The prices vary dramatically.

There are many sites that carry cheap wigs for African Americans. Sometimes, due to style, these are satisfactory and because of different hair textures are suitable for women of color.

There is much more to be said about these human hair wigs, or wigs worn strictly for fashion for women who have their own hair–more to follow shortly.

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