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Caring for your wig


Care of Synthetic Wigs:

 Do not use regular shampoo or hairspray on your wig.

Only use products designed for synthetic fibers. The small cost of appropriate products will keep your wig looking beautiful and extend the life of the wig. We sell all the products you will need for your synthetic or human hair wig.

Follow the care instructions that come with the wig.  Basically you wash the wig like you would a wool sweater or fine lingerie:  In cold water, let soak 5 – 10 minutes (do not wring or twist), rinse thoroughly and blot in towel (spray on conditioner if desired); hang upside down until dry. Shake it out when dry, put it on, and brush, comb or pick as you normally would.

FAQ and Reminders:

  • Can I put my hair in the washing machine on ‘cold’?   No. No dishwashers too.
  • Can I wear my synthetic wig in the pool?  No, unless you plan to keep your head dry.
  • Can I wear my synthetic wig in the ocean?   No, the salt water will shorten the life of your wig. 

During summer and on vacations, many women purchase a less expensive wig to wear to the pool, beach or on a cruise ship. 

  • Can I wear my synthetic wig when I work out or run?  Yes, but it is recommended that you wear a ‘sweat’ liner to extend the life of the wig.
  • How do I store my wig?  It is best to store your wig on a plastic wig stand that will allow air circulation when not being worn.
  • What if I want to style my wig since it has fibers that can be styled?  It will be easiest if you style the wig on a canvas mannequin head secured to a table with a clamp. You may purchase these at Wigged Out Women.
  • My wig fit perfectly when I bought it but now that all my hair is out, it feels loose. We can take the wig in or add silicone strips to make the wig secure. 
  • My wig itches particularly at the lace front; what is wrong?  Itching is usually cause by a wig that does not fit properly.  You should be able to shake your head from left to right; lean upside down–and the wig should stay securely in place. “Itching” is caused by an ill-fitting wig when the lace scraps back and forth just slightly, causing it to itch.
  • Can I leave my wig in the car while I run errands?  This depends on the time of year. If it is summertime or a warm day–no.  The heat in the car can reach temps over 130 degrees and the synthetic fibers will reform and stay in the shape it was in when the car got hot.
  • My human hair wig is getting bald spots – how do I get this fixed?  You will need to have the wig “ventilated” where a technician inserts individual hairs back into the scalp of the wig.  
  • My Synthetic wig is getting frizzy and dull, what can be done to bring back the original look? We offer a service at Wigged out Women to recondition your synthetic and human hair wigs. We are able to take even the worst looking wigs and extend their life for you. Prices start at 35.00 depending on length, style and condition of the wig.

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