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“We have developed our consultations with you in mind to give you the best experience possible.” 

Which shade should I choose?

“Because you are not going to a department store to pick out a shirt or pair of shoes, but are navigating through an emotional and personal journey,  we have intentionally designed our consultations to provide the best service possible. Because there  are many aspects to purchasing  the perfect wig or hairpiece, we feel it would be a huge disservice to our clients to not include a complete and thorough consultation.”


S Glasow, Wigged Out Women Owner

Our experience has enabled us to professionally lead consultations categorized into the following steps:


Question and Answer:

At the start of your appointment we will attempt to get acquainted with you in order to evaluate your hair loss needs. We may ask you some questions about your likes, desires, and special needs (if any). This is a good time to ask any questions you may have.  Some prepare a list of questions beforehand.

Hairpiece Selection:

Together, we will determine what hairpiece is most appropriate for your needs: full wig, partial wig, topper, ponytail or clip in extensions. You will have the opportunity to view samples of each.

Cap Design/Style Overview:

We will first begin to discuss and explore the various cap designs and styles. You will see examples of the different styles and have an opportunity to try them on. There are several cap designs and they each serve a unique purpose. We will attempt to determine the best design for your purposes and individual needs.

Cap designs can be one or more of the following designs. We will help you find the perfect combination.



Lace Front 


Fiber Selection:

We will quickly decide which fiber will fit your needs during our question and answer. You will learn the pros and cons of each of the following fibers:

Human Hair

Synthetic Hair Fibers 

Blended Human Hair and Synthetic Fibers

Heat Defiant Fibers

Color Selection:

We will ask questions to determine your ideal color and design. We will view color swatches

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mood Board / Rex Features (1316125a) Colourist and client choose shades of colour Hair Salon

and look at full size samples. Will you prefer an equally blended, shaded, highlighted, rooted or frosted color? We have hundreds of colors and color variations available.

Style Selection:

There are many styles available on the market. Our expertise and experience will be of great value when determining a style. We carry only high quality wigs and hairpieces from the leading wig manufacturers in the wig industry.  In order to help your selection process, we have hundreds of style samples available. If necessary, we can look through catalogs. 8164140_f520

Alterations and Customization:

We offer many alterations that will make wearing your wig a confident and comfortable experience.

Re-sizing the Wig: During the course of your selection process we will determine your head measurement. The are various sizes available on the market. We will determine the best size for you. In some cases, a style desired is not made in the appropriate size for your needs. We are trained by leading wig manufactures to alter the wig by taking in or out to adjust for your size.

Comfort Strips: When a woman is going through Chemo Treatments or has Alopecia, we often times sew in soft silicone strips throughout the wig cap for comfort and security.

Toupee Clips: Many times toupee clips are added to a wig where the woman is experiencing thinning hair. Often times the hair is thicker in the back than on the top.  By adding toupee clips,  the wig can be prevented from sliding up in the back.

Styling Alterations:


There are many ways we can change the look and feel of a wig. We are trained and have the tools required to make these changes to synthetic and human hair wigs and toppers Together, we can customize the style to best fit your personality by performing various styling techniques such as thinning, trimming, cutting in bangs, changing/adding in a part, curling or straightening your wig.

Care Review and Instructions:

We will educate you on the proper care and handling of your wig. Many wigs are hand made and need special care and attention. We carry several brands of wig care products for both synthetic and human hair wigs. Depending on your style desires and the fibers we will recommend the proper products and care techniques.  All wig care products are available for you to purchase.

Personal Needs:

Many women experience total hair loss on their face and head. We can determine the best products for eyebrow and eyelash replacement. We carry human hair eyebrows, stencils and pencils for tracing in eyebrows.

We offer a variety of caps, scarves, hats, and comfortable sleeping hats.

Preparing for your appointment:

We have made a list of suggestions that many others have found beneficial.

  • Bring a friend or family member with you. This should be someone whom you trust and who knows you well. This friend or family member can help you through the process of making the best selection for your needs. But, remember the ultimate decisions is yours.
  • Take pictures, or we can take them for you. This helps you see yourself objectively when deciding which wig you like best. Plan to relax and have some fun! And, don’t forget to try on different styles and colors you are not used to for added fun.  🙂
  • Relax. We will not pressure you into a purchase you don’t want or need. We want you to walk out the door loving your new wig and pleased with your purchase. We want you to look in the mirror and see yourself looking your very best!





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