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Wigged Out Women – New FOLLEA Dealer!

Announcing our new wholesale partnership with FOLLEA brand wigs. Follea wigs are human hair, beautifully made, and have uniquely secure caps. These wigs are made with eastern European hair, so it is soft and luxurious; it more closely resembles Caucasian human hair found in the U.S. They also have hair for women of color, in all different wave patterns to suit your style.

Follea has developed wig caps designed especially for women with Alopecia. Their ‘gripper’ caps are unparalleled in the wig industry. For younger women who want long hair—real human hair—that doesn’t tangle like long synthetic wigs. For active women who want to play sports or run in the wind, this is the cap for you!  The ‘gripper sport’ will adhere to your head with no glue or tape. The silicone strips act like suction cups between your head and the wig, making it totally secure.

Why are Follea wigs so Good?

Most hair companies use hair from India and China because it is cheaper and readily available, but the texture of that hair is coarser than the fine hair possessed by many North Americans. European hair is more rare – it is finer and softer and more closely resembles the hair of those of western European descent. Fewer people are growing their hair out to sell and more people are coloring their locks making it hard to find uncolored/unprocessed hair, known as ‘virgin’ hair. Follea uses only hair from Europeans, and the hair is also “Remy” which means it is made from ‘pony tail’ hair, so that the cuticles of the hair all face the same direction–just like it grows out of your head. AND . . . they offer a large variety of full wigs and toppers. Even though human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, and even though Follea is of the highest quality, the prices are much less than you would find in wig salons of New York or California.

Follea cover Follea three types 

Follea sport cap   Follea gripper

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