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Wigged Out Women  services Simpsonville, Spartanburg, Greenville and surrounding areas. We offer private & caring consultations, evaluations and services to help you choose the perfect synthetic & human hair wigs and toppers for your medical and cosmetic needs.Follea braids


“At Wigged Out Women we strive to be the very best. We have developed our services and products to simplify and perfect all your hair loss needs.”

S Glasow, Wigged Out Women Owner

You can expect quality at every turn with us. We are constantly continuing education and working with manufacturers and licensed cosmetologists directly to bring you:

The Highest Quality Products
  • Wigs & Hairpieces. We display on average 200 different hairpieces to help you find the perfect hairpiece. We display a large variety of wigs, toppers, fringe pieces, halos, ponytails and clip in extensions. When you schedule your appointment, we will try on as many of these as needed to find your desired piece.
  • Different Fibers. We display many different hair fibers to offer the best selection and education available in the Upstate. At Wigged Out Women, you will view and understand Synthetic fibers, Human Hair fibers, and Blended fibers (Human Hair & Synthetic) before you make a selection.
  • Facial Hair products. We understand many of our clients have hair loss needs extending beyond their scalp hair. We offer a variety of products for facial hair needs: Human hair eyebrows, eyebrow stencils, eyelashes, eyebrow pencils, glues, adhesives, adhesive removers.
  • Wig care products. We offer a large selection of high quality manufacturer recommended wig care products to assist in caring properly for your hair piece. We can recommend the proper shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, treatments,  wig sanitizer, styling gels and balms for all fiber types.
  • Accessories. In order to optimize our clients comfort through her hairloss journey, we offer comfortable sleeping hats, turbans, scarves, beanies, knit hats, sun hats, sweat liners, and cotton inserts.
  • Gift certificates & gift bags.  Custom gift baskets and gift certificates are available for delivery or pick up. Please see our page Give & Receive for more information. You may also contact us by phone at 864-770-3638 or by Email for more details.
Cutting Edge Knowledge and Education
  • Sizing. We offer personal head measurements for correct sizing with every consultation.
  • Style Selection.  We carry a varied selection of styles. We offer a session with a licensed stylist if you need extra help styling your hairpiece.
  • Fibers. We believe each of the different fibers available have a perfect purpose. We will work with you to find  the correct fiber placement for your needs.
  • Care & Handling.  Every wig or hairpiece needs special care and handling. We will instruct and guide you on the care and handling your wig or hairpiece requires for longevity.
Quality Consultations 
  • Private. You will have the comfort, privacy and undivided attention of our staff to help you through this hair loss journey. Our staff has been trained and certified by well renowned wig manufacturers to assist you in proper fiber, cap & piece selections. In addition, we are properly trained and equipped for styling, measurements, alterations, and care of your hair pieces.
  • By Appointment Only. We offer by appointment only for your privacy and care. We are flexible and will do our best to meet you at your convenience and to fit your schedule.
  • Appointment Fees.  The first 15 minutes of your consultation is complimentary. All consultation fees are applied towards the purchase of your hairpiece or wig.
Personalized Services
  • Personal Needs Assessment. We will discuss your needs/desires to  determine the best cap construction, hair fibers, style, color and alterations needed to maximize your comfort while on this journey.
  • Style/Color. We have hundreds of colors to choose from. Whether it be a high fashion factory color or a Custom Salon Color created specifically for you onsite by our talented and experienced Licensed Cosmetologists, you are sure to find the perfect color and style just for you. Most of our high qulaity wigs are cut and styled just for you by one of our Licensed Cosmetologists.  You are welcome to bring friends and family to your appointment. Often times, a friend or loved one who knows you and is objective can help tremendously in encouragement and selections. There’s nothing quite like someone who knows you well to add much needed support and feedback as you make a selection.
  • Customization/Alterations.  We offer many services to make your wig customized for your needs. Some of our common services are: sewing in toupee clips, adding soft silicone strips for security & comfort, and adjusting/altering cap size smaller or larger for a perfect fit.
  • Letters for Insurance Reimbursement.  If you are filing for insurance reimbursement, we can provide a letter for ‘medical necessity for a cranial prosthesis’ and a receipt showing payment, for you to submit along with your doctor’s prescription to your insurance company.  Most insurance companies will reimburse at least a portion of the expense, most cover 60% to 100% up to $395 once per year. Medicare does NOT cover the cost of a wig, but most Medicare supplemental plans do.
  • Reconditioning, Deep Conditioning & Styling. Regular reconditioning  wigs for Synthetic Fibers every 2-4 months can greatly extend the life of your wig or hairpiece. Deep Conditioning your human hair wigs with Professional Salon Quality products every 4-6 months is highly reccomended to maintain and extend the life of your human hair wigs.  We clean, restore, sanitize and recondition your faithfully loved wigs as needed to ensure longevity and comfort. Generally, the fees associated with this service start out at $45 for a short wig and $65 for a long wig. A badly damaged or human hair wig may be more.
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