Wigged Out Women

Synthetic Wigs

“In order to offer the very best hair loss solutions to our clients, we offer countless products from several leading manufacturers in the marketplace. It is our goal to fit each client with the perfect hairpiece.”

What is wonderful about wearing synthetic wigs?  They never lose their style!  Most synthetic wigs, you just give them a shake and put them on.  Run through the rain, smile in the humidity, because your wig will remain beautifully styled no matter the weather.  For women going through chemotherapy who may have times when they don’t feel so well, synthetic wigs are a big help. No time to waste in front of the mirror. Just put them on and you are set to go!

The synthetic wigs we carry are high quality – some are “heat friendly”; so, you may add some curl or straighten them out without damaging the fibers (keep the temperature of your tools under 130 degrees. You would be surprised to know just how many women wear wigs every day–but you cannot tell it’s a wig!

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