Wigged Out Women

Wig Caps

Synthetic Wig Cap Designs:

Classic Cap:  These are completely machine made. They are made with a wefted design and heavier lace. These caps usually have a”permanent tease” feature where the hair connects to the cap; you will not have a natural looking scalp or part with these caps. These are best designed for full, short, and curly styles.  This is the least expensive cap option available on the market.

Monofilament:  This cap is made of a very fine fabric on the scalp. The hair is individually woven into the natural, sheer fabric so that it looks like it is growing right out of your scalp. Anyone who parts their hair will want a monofilament top. This style cap comes with two variations:

Monofilament Part: Some, are made to have only the monofiliament fiber in the part section of the scalp. A monofilament part will enable you to part within an inch or two only of the monofilament fiber on the scalp.

Full Monofilament: These wigs are made with a full monofilament top.This style has a monofilament fabric across the entire scalp usually 4″ x 4″ in size. A full monofilament top will enable you to part your hair anywhere on the top of your head. If  anyone is lookin down onto your head they will never know you are wearing a wig. Long, straight styles are best suited for this cap design.

Lace Front:  Wigs are available with a lace front. This cap feature will give you a very natural hairline. You will be able to brush the hair away from your forehead and it will look like it is growing right out of your scalp. If you want the option of brushed hair off your forehead, you will want to choose a lace front wig. Lace front wigs can come with any variation of cap designs.

Hand Tied:  This wig is entirely hand made with a nice, silky sheer fabric throughout. This wig will have a monofilament “look” around the entire wig, with no wefting in the cap. Hand-tied wigs usually come with monofilament and lace front. These caps are completely hand made and are the best caps available – the most comfortable and airy.

Human Hair Cap Designs:

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