Wigged Out Women

About Us

Wigged Out Women is a family run business located in historic downtown Simpsonville located in the Upstate region of South Carolina.

Wigged Out Women was originally founded with a special vision that would enable women suffering from hair loss for various reasons to seek out solutions in a caring, professional and private way.

Though privacy and care were of utmost importance to it’s founder, of equal importance was the ability to provide knowledge, resources and education for the well being and improved quality of life for each woman needing it’s services.

Shannon Glasow, owner of Wigged Out Women, believes each woman should feel comfortable and beautiful in their alternative hairpiece whether the purpose of its use is for necessity or fun.

As a family run business, making sincere connections with the client is essential to offering the best solutions to their hair loss needs.

“It is my responsibility to understand my clients needs through genuine and caring interaction. By doing so, this experience will be a success and improve the quality of life for the woman experiencing hair loss.”

Shannon Glasow, owner Wigged Out Women


Book Wigs and Hair Replacement from Wigged Out Women in Simpsonville

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