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Cancer Support & Resources



Web Sites:

naaf.org  [The National Alopecia Areata Foundation]
cancer.org  [American Cancer Society]
Look Good…Feel Better [864-627-1903]

Support Options:
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer Treatment Center of the Carolinas
Cancer Society of Greenville
GHS Education Center [GHS, 900 W Faris Rd; 864-455-6234]
Pearlie Harris Cancer Treatment Center – St. Francis Eastside; Bldg. 131
The Brezenski Clinic in Texas
Charles Campbell, Ph.D. – Specialized Nutrition, Clinton, SC:  864-833-4372

Other Support Information:

I know breast cancer is often times symbolized with a pink ribbon. But does other cancers have a colored ribbon? Yes, you can find out what some of the colors are here.

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